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COLLIN - Determination pressure filter value of masterbatches and compounds

In 1998, all started – at that time, several companies founded the „CEN Committee Filtertest “consisting of masterbatch producing companies and manufacturers of laboratory lines for the processing of plastic. Aim of this initiative was to develop a standardized method for the determination of the pressure filter value.

In 2004, with EN 13900-5, the CEN Committee finally presented a uniform measuring method with which the suitability of pigments for colouring plastic can be described and which, in the meantime, as ISO 23900-5 has become international standard.

The pressure filter test is used to detect quality differences in a polymer caused by agglomerates, fillers, which are not completely dispersed resp. impurities.

It can be used e. g.
- in the field of product development for optimizing the colour etc.
- for quality control resp. outgoing and incoming goods control of masterbatches, compounds or polymers

The material to be tested is melted and homogenized in an extruder and via a melt pump, it is guided through a screen with a defined and constant volume flow. The screen is clogged by particles with a certain size, which results in a reduced opening of the screen. At a constant volume flow, this causes a pressure increase in front of the screen, which is determined by a sensor and which is used for the determination of the sample quality.

Special characteristics

- A filter cassette system allows a filter change within a few seconds
- For changing the filter, via a bypass valve, the melt flow can be deflected in front of the filter. This allows an interruption of the melt flow by the filter without having to stop the extruder and the melt pump and to start them again after having finished the filter change
- Integrated pre-heating of the screen
- Easy-to-use software for calculating the pressure filter value and determining a listing

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Exhibitor: COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions GmbH


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